The Workspace.

Employees, managers, external contributors, teams. In the Workspace, they have all information to do their job in one place.


Driven by underlaying workflows, data and documents, PowerFLOW puts everything into intuitive dashboards, prioritized personal and team task queues. So everyone can work, read and fill information, make approvals, see reports or manage the team from one place.

ActiveViews is powerful way to provide users with crucial data from different apps…

With ActiveViews you can filter which part of data in the lists will be available to users based on their rights.

ActiveViews allow quick in-line data changes or adding new items. ActiveViews also allow for bulk data changes, bulk approvals or launching workflows to multiple cases at once.

For most frequent processes, the standardization and high degree of automation is ideal…

But for cases, that are unpredictable, the individualistic and human driven approach with ad-hoc actions is needed.

Case-management style of work is common in many industries. In PowerFLOW a “case” is a  data-holder, that keeps related data, processes, forms and actions together.

You can launch ad-hoc tasks and requests, configure rules, that triggers automatic actions, move case to further milestone or change the status.